The Best Turkish Immigration Lawyers

WiklundKurucuk law firm, which has been with you in your legal transactions for nearly 50 years, also operates in the field of immigration law with its Turkish immigration lawyer team. The Experts team in their field supports you practically completing the procedures required by the legal legislation by eliminating all your questions in immigration law transactions.

Lawyers, where you can get service in different languages such as English, Swedish, Chinese, Russian besides Turkish, are among the best Turkish immigration lawyers. If you are looking for a Turkish Immigration Lawyer with international competence for your immigration application and procedures, you can meet the experienced team of WiklundKurucuk law firm.

How to Immigrate to Turkey?

Turkey is one of the countries where foreigners want to immigrate to by both a high standard of living and the climate. Turkey allows immigrants from different countries thanks to health, education and social services which increase the quality of life.

Business opportunities and growing economy offer countless alternatives for many people. It also maintains its charm with its climate and nature. All these reasons enable thousands of people to apply for citizenship right every year. So what do you need to immigrate to Turkey?

Requirements to immigrate to Turkey

You need to meet some criteria for migration to create a new life in Turkey. The criteria to be fulfilled for this are examined in detail by the authorities authorized in the legislation. First of all, If you immigrate to Turkey as part of regular migration, you need to meet the visa requirements upon arrival based on your nationality.

After that, you also need to get residence permit to stay and continue your life in Turkey. Residence permit which means official permission that enable foreign citizens to live in Turkey, will be obligatory for everybody visa or visa exemption or the end of the stay more than 90 days. So, anyone who wants to stay in Turkey out of the specified period must apply for a residence permit.

How to Apply for Residence Permit?

Residence permit application can be made online using the e-residence system. This stage is named pre-application. After your pre-application is completed, you need to go to the immigration management directorate with the necessary documents in the province or district where you plan to reside at the appointment day and time, which you can see on the system. So you can complete the immigration application process.

Foreign citizens who are not present at the immigration directorate on the specified date in the pre-application are considered as they have never applied. Your application made with the necessary documents is examined in detail and an evaluation is made.
With all these processes, you can contact the experienced immigration lawyers of WiklundKurucuk law firm for all your questions. Turkish immigration lawyers support the rapid progress of the process by performing legal transactions on your behalf at every stage.

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